N. R. Enterprises

Belt Weigher Indicator

We bring forth a wide range of Belt Weigher Indicator that is fabricated to cater the weighing application with precision. Known for easy operation and accurate measurement, our Belt Weigher Indicator is in huge demand in the market. These weighers display the instantaneous flow rates and the totalized flow. Besides, these systems are available over a wide range of flow rates, right from a few grams per second to hundreds of tons per hour, as per user requirement. We are also counted as one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Belt Weigher Indicator.

Popular for :
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Easy operation
  • Simple design

Specifications :
  • Full Software Calibration
  • Stainless steel weatherproof housing
  • User selectable units for flow rate (tph or kg/s)
  • User selectable units for total flow (kg or t)
  • Provision for High Weight and Low Flow Alarms
  • Provision for 4-20 mA or 0–5/10 VDC output

Applications :
  • Check weighing systems
  • Packaging /bagging /filling machines
  • Flow measurement of solid material on belt conveyors, with or without closed loop flow

  • Belt speed instead of Encoder speed control

Technical Specifications :

Load cell excitation 5 VDC
Load cell drive capacity 2 nos. 350 . load cells (Optional up to 8 nos.)
Load cell connection 4 wire or 6 wired cells (Optional up to 8 nos.)
Input signal range 0 to 30 mV6 wired cells (Optional up to 8 nos.)
Sampling rate 1 per second wired cells (Optional up to 8 nos.)
Internal resolution 20,000 count sired cells (Optional up to 8 nos.)
Display resolution 1,000 to 5,000 countless (Optional up to 8 nos.)
Encoder excitation + 5 VDC
Encoder Input + 5 VDC TTL pulse input from optical encoders.)
Accuracy 1% or better (depending on installation)
Calibrationr Full digital software calibration through keyboard
Display 5 digit 7 segment 13 mm height LED for Flow Rate, 6 digit 7 segment 8 mm height LED for Total Weight
Indications Flow Rate, Total Weight, Net Weight, Encoder Speed
Keys Tactile feedback keys
Operating temperature range 0 oC to +50 oC
Storage temperature range 0 oC to +70 o C
Operating voltage 230 VAC +10%, 50 Hz (Optional : 110 VAC)